Monday, January 19, 2009

Next Generation

Lydia has been discussing and planning for the arrival of her children since the age of 3.  An incredible amount of foresight, if you ask me.  I can't recall ever giving the matter this much consideration until my late 20's.

She has waffled a bit on the number of children - first she planned to have 4, but then abandoned that number as 'too much work', and opted for 2.  Lately she is back to four.

She'll casually reference the topic in conversation; shopping in the mall, she has said things like, "Oh, that baby outfit is adorable.  Will you buy it for my baby when it's born?", or driving in the car the other day, "Will you come and stay with me to help after my baby is born?"

And most recently, as an addendum to a conversation about birthdays:

Lydia: "When you have a birthday, after I have my babies, they can come to your party and help you celebrate, and have cupcakes."

Me: "Yes, of course, that will be fun.  I fully intend to give your children ALL the cupcakes they want!"


Lydia: "Not ALL the cupcakes they want, MOM.  They'll have to ask me if they want more than one!"


geeknanny said...

She must be excited about my baby.

Mrs Furious said...


I didn't ever check to see if you had a blog with this sign in.

I just told Ruby she wasn't allowed in my bed "EVER" and she said "Even when I'm a grown up and I own this house?"
Her whole plan is to buy our house and then we can live "with her". She also is going to work full time so that her kids don't "distract her".

wootini said...

Well, Donald, I think she will be excited when your baby is here and she can see him. She's come a long way since being furious about having a cousin. :)

Mrs F! Hi there! Yes, you can see this is a spectacularly well updated blog. It was a new year's resolution to post more often, but you can see how well that is going.

Kid is so hysterical, I bet she and Lydia would get a kick out of each other. I like her plan! And can you believe she is thinking/planning so far in advance? :)

But she may be sad to learn that there are other (far less adorable) distractions that come with a full time (external) job!